Wednesday, 4 December 2013

In the Mood for Some Writing Fun

I'm kicking up  my heels and having some fun with my writing this month. After all it is the season to be merry.

So, I'm on the prowl for fun venues for science fiction, fantasy and horror.

So far, I've found:

Journal of Unlikely Acceptances, open 1-15th December and looking for really, really bad flash from writers with one of more SFWA writing credits 5 cents per word.  (Yes. I've mentioned this before. But it really is fun).

Mad Scientist's Journal, accepting first person narratives set in the world of mad science. $10-$20

Miscellanea looking for <300 word extracts from imaginary books. $10

Of course, my idea of fun may not be yours. Tell me, what venues do it for you?

edited to add: Spinetinglers Annual Christmas Ghost Story (deadline 13th December) and Fifty Word Stories look fun


  1. Hmmm.... I don't know. I haven't been subbing much to anyone lately. Well, since you-know-who went to a subscription service I don't have an easy way to track my subs anymore. Yes, I know there are other options, but I haven't used them. So, I don't know what's out there now.

  2. Really bad flash? Holy cow... Might have to try that one.