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E-mail: deborahjudithwalker@hotmail.com Twitter: @deboree

After a twenty year period of procrastination, I started to write in autumn 2008. I've managed a few hundred acceptances since then. I write all types of science fiction, horror and fantasy, poetry and short stories.

To find listings of all my publications click on the pages links. Here's a selection of my published works:

'Spider of the Cross' in Nature's Futures 2021
'Not Not Happy' in Nature's Futures 2021
'Fear of the Empty' in Nature's Futures 2021
'Samson in Somnium' in Nature's Futures 2020
'Jacob's Ladder' for commerical client 2020
'Without Access' in Nature's Futures 2019
'I Guess I'm Just a Lucky So and So' in Young Explorers Adventure Guide 2019
Productivity Monkey: The Productivity Project' SFWA Blog 2019
'Becoming Private Block-Head' in Spectacle Magazine 2018
'Calleva Artebatum' by Kelda Crich in  Nameless Magazine 
'Love in a Lonely City' in Chinese Translation to Business China 2018
'Eyes Wide Open' in 2007 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide 2018
'January's Child'  in SF Futures 2016
'Cooking up a Storm in SF Futures 2016
'Balance' in SF Futures 2016
'Three Brother Cities' in 2017 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide
'When the Cold Comes' Nature's Futures 2016
'Love in a Lonely City' in Cities of the Future anthology 2016
'Song of the Ancient Queen' in Myriad Lands anthology
'Love Makes Fools of Us All' to SF Comet 2015
'The Worms Won't Feed Themselves, You Know' in Young Explorer's Adventure Guide 2015
'Last of the Beetle Wing' in Lane of Unusual Traders
'Moon Wake Dirge' (poem) by Kelda Crich in Xnoybis
'Medea' in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 
'Child of Winter' (poem) by Kelda Crich in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet 
'White' (poem) by Kelda Crich in Transitions 2015
'Rise Cold to the Surface' (poem) by Kelda Crich in Transitions 2015
'Cthulhu's Mother' in Dreams from the Witch House anthology 2016
Future Tales: Ten Very Short SF Stories featured on Wattpad 2015
'Good for Something' in Nature 2015
'Creating Aliens' non fiction SFWA Blog 2014
'Knowledge' to SciFutures 2014
'Chasing Ghost' to SciFutures 2014
'Sibyl' reprint in Fantastic Stories of the Imagination 2014
'Christmas Wishes' in Krampus Crackers upcoming
'Venom' in  Lane of Unusual Traders upcoming
'Pure and Without Savour' SFComet winner of the October contest (English and Chinese)
At the Mouth of the Secret' Dark Expanse upcoming
'As Good as Bad Can Get' Novel Dark Expanse upcoming
'Thrash' Daily Science Fiction 2014
'Chit Win' (reprint) In Young Explorer's Adventure Guide upcoming
'House of Cards' in T Gene Davis' Speculative Blog 2014
'Face in the Dark' in Nature's Futures 2014
'Aunty Merkel' in Pulp Literature 2014
'Electric Hatsuyume' (reprint) in Penumbra 2014
'The Silk That Binds You' Vignettes from the End of the World 2014
'All Flesh is Grass' by Kelda Crich Journal of Unlikely Acceptances 2014
'Jump' in Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse 2014
'Low the Ascomoytan Sky' in The Night Land 2014
'They Cannot Scare Me with their Empty Places' in Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse 2014
'Sibyl' in Nature's Futures 2013
'Betrayal, Clear as Kanzai Glass' Dark Expanse 2013
'Glass Future' reprint in Year's Best SF 18
'Surrendered Human' in Nature's Futures 2013
'First Foot' in Nature's Futures 2013
'Light Bringer' in Dark Expanse 2013
'The Twins Shine Over Emperor's World' in Dark Expanse 2013
'Drink Deep the Circean Poison' in ARC 2012
'Glass Future' in Nature's Futures 2012
'Hatsuyume' in At Year's End  anthology 2012
'Speed of Love' in Daily Science Fiction 2012
'Confessions of a Museum Bunny' (non fiction) SFWA blog 2012
'Venus of Willendorf' in Unidentified Funny Objects anthology 2012
'Chit Win' in Daily Science Fiction 2011
'Green Future' in Nature's Futures 2011
'Ovoids' in Nature's Futures 2011
'Remember Winter' (poem) Enchanted Conversation 2011'Stone City Old as Immeasurable Time' in Lovecraft E-Zine 2011
'Time Slipping' in Odyssey 2011
'The Unmoveable Sky' in Poe Little Thing: No One Can Hear you Scream Anthology 2011.
'Aunty Merkel' in Nature's Futures 2010
'Ezra's Prophecy' in Daily Science Fiction 2010
'Frog Sleep' in Odyssey 2010
'The Frozen Hive of her Mind' in Nature's Futures 2010
'Looking Good' in Cosmos 33 2010

I live in London, with my partner, Chris and my two lovely, yet distracting, teenage children. Find me in the British Museum, trawling the past for future ideas.