Thursday 25 August 2011

Campaigners Looking for Kelda?

It's confusing because I've got two blogs, and my icon leads here.

If you want to follow my horror/dark fantasy blog nip over to Kelda Crich.

You're welcome here of course which is my SF/nicer Fantasy blog.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Pump up the Volume (of short story submissions).

Warning -- mileage will vary.
I'm publishing my horror and dark fantasy under my new pen name, but I was feeling slightly disappointed that I hadn't had many acceptances.

But then I thought, hold on, how many subs have I got out under that name. A quick check revealed that I'd got three subs out under Kelda.

Three? Three? That's compared to thirty under Deborah Walker where the acceptances come trickling in at a nice rate.

So, it's obvious that I need to up my subs for Kelda. This might not be your way, some writers sub only a few subs a year and get accepted. But for me I need volume. I knew this, but it's so easy to forget. So, if you're unhappy with your acceptance rate, it's worth asking, are you subbing enough?

I'm going to have a sub-fest today. If more stories need to be written, then that's the next job. What about you, gentle reader. Are you happy with the number of subs you've got out.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

New Venue for Apocalyptic Fiction and Literary/Genre Poetry

The After Ever After blog has evolved into an 'official unofficial semi-occasional magazine'.

They're looking for apocalyptic story reprints and poems (reprints and new;  literary and speculative), pay is ten lovely American dollars. This is a very witty blog, that I humbly suggest you check out anyways.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Retelling the Fairy Tale

Readers interested in the retelling and subverting of fairy tales maybe be interested in John P. Pazdziora scholarly article in Enchanted Conversation.

Pazdziora examines three online fairy tale venues: Enchanted Conversation, New Fairy Tales and Scherezade’s BequestI was very excited to find my story 'The First Queen's Maid'  briefly cited in the article.

Writers may be interested in Kate Wolford comment:

"Those who wish to be published in EC should take note of his comments on this publication. He shares concerns that are my own."