Monday 29 July 2013

Surrendered Human published in Nature's Futures

'Surrendered Human' is up at Nature's Futures. This story was playing around with the 'surrendered wife' philosophy. What's all that about, eh? Is there a surrendered husband thing? I must tell Chris.

Saturday 27 July 2013

Short Story Writer: Reading

I read a lot of short stories. Mainly short stories, only very occasionally a novel.

When I first started writing I was sad to find that I lost my enjoyment of reading. I couldn't read without engaging my writing brain.

I cured myself of this by an act of will. Before I started reading, I'd think I'm not going to think about characterisation or plot or sentences. I'm just going to enjoy this. 

This seemed to work for me. The mind is an amazing thing. I can now decide before I start reading if it's going to be for pleasure, or if I'm going to read with my writerly eye engaged.

But that's by the by. What I wanted to talk about was the difference between reading anthologies (short stories by lots of different authors) and collections (all by the same author).

I am going to heartedly recommend that if you're reading with your writerly eye you try reading a collection. I've recntly discovered that it's much easier to notice elements of style (things that a writer might want to emulate) when you read a body of work by the same author. This is because a short story writer will to a greater or lesser extent have a voice that is common to all her stories.

So that's my advice (and it's very rare, I hardly ever give writing advice). If you're reading to learn stick with the same author for a few stories.

Of course many talented short story writers have published collections. You can also check out your favourite author's website where they often have links to their free online stories.

What's been your experience in reading short stories. Do you find it helpful for your own writing?

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Sunday 21 July 2013

New Story Set in the Dark Expanse Galaxy

My new story, 'Betrayal Clear as Kanzai Glass', set in the RPG Dark Expanse galaxy went live today.

This is my third story set in the shared world, Dark Expanse. it's intriguing to write a story set in a shared world. It sets a framework, of course, all stories must be consistent with the other published stories and with the RPG world. But there's an awful lot of freedom too, plus you can get to riff off the ideas of the other authors.

This story features the Kanzai who are semi-aquatic slug-like telepaths. I researched terrestrial sea-slugs as a basis for their biology. Did you know that slugs and snail undergo a 180 degree rotation of their internal organs? We just don't know if this gives Earth bound slugs the telepathic powers of their alien cousins.

Thursday 18 July 2013

Poem in Eternal Haunted Summer

My poem, Hekate's Daughers is up in the Summer Solstice edition of Eternal Haunted Summer. This is fast becomming one of my favourite venues. There's some lovely work here.

Monday 15 July 2013

Story Sale to Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion

I've sold my story, 'The Lesser Men Have No Language' to the  steampunk Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion anthology published by Wizard's Tower and the BristolCon Foundation.  

  • Pod people
  • Ferns
  • A Mythical Island 
  • Victorian Morality

I'm very pleased because this gives me the perfect excuse to attend this year's BristolCon. Who else is going?  Let's form a posse. 

Tuesday 9 July 2013

2013 storySouth Million Writers Award

For a writer I have a shockingly bad memory. What were the best stories published online in 2012?

Because the 2013 storySouth Million Writers Award is open to nominations.  This award is open to any story over 1000 words first published online in an editor selected publication. Anyone can nominate.

My story, 'Drink Deep and Long the Circean Poison published in ARC is eligible. And I loved Helena Bell's 'Robot.' 

I'd like more recommendations, (oh and do self-nominate). What you got?

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Science Fiction Flash Venue

Another post, another Kickstarter. What is going on? There are so many fascinating Kickstarters about that I can hardly keep up.

This one is for Gigantic World's, calling for science fiction flash (under 1200 words).

And, and they've secured an unpublished Philip K. Dick story. Who was only one of my favourite authors--ever.

So, very exciting.

You can support the Kickstarter here.

And the venue is already open to submissions here.
deadline 1st August 2013, up to three subs and pay ?