Monday 8 February 2016

The Wax Anatomist's Daughter Sale And a Few Others

I'm pleased to announce that my story 'The Wax Anatomist's Daughter' will be in the Independents Women Anthology. 

It's been a good year for sales for me, this year #touchwood
Here's what else I've sold: 

'The Frozen Hive of Her Mind' and 'Three Brother Cities' (reprints) to Mad Scientist Journal 
'Speed of Love' 'Aunty Merkel' 'Ovoids' and 'Electric Hatsuyume' (reprints) to Hero and Heroine Magazine
'Three Brother Cities' (reprint) to Scarlet Leaf Review
'Song of the Ancient Queens' by Kelda Crich to Myriad Lands anthology
'Speed of Love' (reprint) to Holdfast Magazine'
'Sea is in my Blood' (reprint) to not yet announced anthology
'Isolation Bridge' co-written with Kane Gordon accepted by Outposts of Beyond
'Ghost Nebula'(reprint) to 20 CCs

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Monday 1 February 2016

Aunty Merkel in Croatian Translation

I'm pleased to announce my story 'Aunty Merkel' has been translated into Croatian and published in Eridan