Sunday 15 July 2012

Two Sales in a Week for Debs

I'm just waiting for my third. Acceptances always come in threes, right? (Oh, the hubris).

The first is a science fiction flash to Nature's Futures. That marks my fifth sale there. There have been some editorial changes at Nature's Futures, with Colin Sullivan stepping up to be editor. Henry Gee is now the consulting editor. Guidelines are here. 

My other sale was a reprint, that actually was first published in Nature, to the Danish magazine, Proxima. This will be my first translated work.  If you're interested in submitting science fiction, fantasy or horror reprints to overseas markets you might like to check out Douglas Smith's Foreign Market List. 

edited: Hey, I got my third!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Scary Productivity Surge

Wow. Oh wow. These last two weeks, I've been so productive that I've scared myself.

I'm going to share the secret of my productivity with you all. Have a look at the bottom right hand side of this blog. See the tracking hours box. That's my secret. Actually writing down the time I spend writing (writing and direct research for a story i.e. Wikipedia articles). Anything else like big research (reading non-fiction books), or subbing, or reading craft books, or reading anthologies, or blogging, or thinking time, doesn't get counted.

This technique really works for me. Don't ask me why. You'll have a different amount of time than me for writing, but I'd definitely recommend tracking (either hours or word count) and writing it down somewhere.

Do any of you do this? It's super-great, isn't it? Although I feel a bit worn out. Time for a walk methinks.

Edited to add. I think the most valuable thing about this is that I'm tracking actual writing time. So today for instance, I've worked for about five hours and would usually have knocked off. But I've only been writing for three hours, the rest of the time I made a couple of submissions, read an online story, a few blogs etc. All valuable stuff, but not writing.