Wednesday 27 November 2013

Call for Really Bad Flash

Could you? Would you?

Write a really bad story under a thousand words for the Journal of Unlikely Acceptances? Only for authors with one or more SFWA pro sales.

From the website:

The Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances:

What can we say about The Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances…? This will be a mini-issue of 3 (three) of the worst stories imaginable. “Worst?” you ask. Yes. It’s scheduled for April Fool’s Day, so we can do whatever we want. Do there need to be bugs? No. Hackers? No. Architecture or Maps? No, and no. All we want is the worst story you can bear to see published with your name under the title. Why? Don’t ask silly questions.
There are a few restrictions. First, it’s only open to people who have made a SFWA qualifying sale. Anyone can write horrible prose. We want to see people who have proven they can write well send us horrible prose. Secondly, this is flash fiction only. We just can’t bring ourselves to read more than 1000 word chunks of badness. Maybe — maybe — if your story is particularly horrid, we might let it slide a little over 1000 words, but not by much. Thirdly, and for the same reason, submissions will only be open from December 1-15, 2013. And then, lastly, do not send us stories with vomit and/or feces. It’s just too easy to make something awful simply by including gratuitous spewage of bodily discharges. It’s cheating, in a way, and any stories that violate this, even a little, will be rejected.

This looks like fun. And yes, I've wrote them a little something.


  1. "Do not send us stories with vomit and/or feces" has to be one of the best all-time submission instructions ever. Personally, I've found that including gratuitous bodily discharges improves my fiction, but to each his or her own.

    1. *laughs*

      And I bet they're looking forward to writing the rejections letters:

      Dear Author,

      I'm sorry but your story just wasn't bad enough . . .

    2. Right!

      "We're looking for much worse stories at this time."