Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spam Comments

At first they just e-mailed me, telling me how much they enjoyed my post and adding a link to their site. Now the spammers are posting on my blog.

It's very annoying. Although its nice that they're enjoying my posts so much.

Of course I can delete them, but I wondered if there was another way of preventing spam. Any tips?

May 2013. Edited. Thanks for the advice. I've left my blog readers with the ability to post anon, but I've activated comment moderation after 7 days. This is catching most of my blog spam.


  1. In Blogger, try this:

    Go to 'Settings'
    Click on Post and 'Comment Settings'
    Under 'Who Can Comment' click on: Registered User

    I also put comment moderation on after the post has been up for two days.

    I used to get a lot spam but it's decreased significantly since going this route.

    Good luck. Spammers can be a pain.

  2. I get them in my spam box and just delete them from there. Unless someone use their name I won't allow 'anonymous' to post on my blog.

    Best wishes

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    I'm just yankin' ya - spam sucks. :)

  4. I had to stop anonymous comments on my blog because of spammers. That does get rid of most of them. Having the word verification enabled does it too but it also discourages genuine commenters.

  5. I don't allow anonymous comments either, and I have "comment moderation" turned on for anything over a week old. I don't get very many spam comments, but they definitely sucketh.

  6. I had to disallow anonymous comments, then everything was fine. Sorry this is happening.

  7. Yes, I've seen a few of these of late on the Write1Sub1 blog, but not on my own. I don't allow anonymouse comments and have comment moderation set to "Always". Seems to do the trick...

  8. Thanks everyone. It seems that I might have to disallow anon comments which seems a shame. Although I'm not sure I get that many-- genuine ones that is.

    I'm going to try comment moderation for posts over 7 days first. That might do the trick.

  9. I just got one today (same one as you), but it didn't post because I set my blog up so that commenters have to be approved once to comment. On Jan. 1 this year, I hadn't set my blog to no anonymous comments, and I had well over 50 spammers hit my blog.
    Good luck getting it fixed.

  10. I banned Anonymous comments and haven't gotten spam since January. Though I don't like banning people from posting anonymously--I don't really mind all that much if a legitimate commenter doesn't leave a name.

  11. Weird... I recall leaving a comment here on this post the day you put it up... odd. Anyway, like several others, once the comment spam started to spike I banned anonymous comments. I'd probably gotten fewer than 10 legitimate comments anonymously in 4 years of blogging. I didn't feel it was worth it to put up with all the grief.

    1. Maybe I thought you was spam and deleted you, Rusty. Hee Hee!