Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Reprint Sale to Toasted Cake Podcast

I've just sold another reprint to the podcast venue Toasted Cake. A Nature story this time, 'Aunty Merkel.(Toasted Cake is closed until August at the moment).

I'd love to sell a few more stories to the podcasters. Who is your favourite podcaster? I know about Pseudopod, Escape Pod and Podcastle.

Are there any other podcast venues that you'd recommend?


  1. Great stuff, Deborah. And by the sound of it you already know more podcasters than I do!

  2. Well done, Deborah. I was going to ask whether you recorded it yourself or had someone read it out, but I shall check it out for myself.

  3. Congratulations!

    I've never tried podcasters. Maybe I'm missing out.

  4. Drabblecast is another one for your list.

  5. Nice, congrats, Deborah. You are motivating me to take another look at some of my published works... I suppose they are still alive.
    I haven't explored the podcast territory yet, though I've thought about recording myself. It's finding a quiet space to do so.

  6. Congrats... I think Starship Sofa is one of the biggest podcast short story markets. I think I've been rejected by all those you've mentioned in this post in the past 12 months though.