Friday, 5 December 2014

SFComet: Monthly SF Competition

Read my competition winning story 'Pure and Without Savour' on the SFComet Blog in English and Chinese translation. And find out how to apply for an invitation on the site.

Many thanks to Ninesnows, my translator who must have done a fabulous job. And I've been invited back to take part in the end of year contest. Hoorah

This month's contest sees my writing friends: Sylvia and Floris battling against 宝树, 立习习
and 左小姜


  1. Impressive! And a great story. SFComet looks like a cool site. So you sent them a sample story and they invited you to enter?

    1. Yes. You should totally apply, Simon. As a past winner I've got an invite for the end of year contest, too. I'm a little nervous.

      Begone ye brain weasels