Sunday, 3 November 2013

Story up at Indian SF

I have a reprint story, 'Glass Future' up at Indian SF. This story was first published in Nature's Futures. What a fabulous cover!


  1. Hello again and congratulations. Looking forward to catching up with you now I'm 'back online', though in a limited capacity. I've been recommending your site to several people who are either writing or budding writers, with the assurance that they will find your blog both informative and helpful (plus you're a general all-round nice person and great writer) : ) ... laters *waving*

  2. I remember this one -- good stuff! I've been thinking of subbing a DSF reprint to Indian SF -- no pay, but more exposure, right? I should touch base with you on your international reprint sales. Note to self...

  3. Congrats. That is a lovely cover.