Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bellweathering Facebook: Advice Wanted

I'm happy with my blog and with Twitter. But, oh Facebook. I'm not sure what I'm doing with you. 

So I thought I'd try a little bellweathering. Looking at writers who seem to be doing well on Facebook and, well, copying them (or being inspired by them if you prefer). 

Are you on Facebook? Are you happy with your profile there? Do you have any advice or pointers to good resources for making the most out of Facebook?

edtited to add: I've just set up a Writers page because apparently you can get stats on pages. I'm learning. But I feel a bit shy about inviting people to like it, so it's a secret page. 


  1. I'm a bit thrown by Facebook, too. I find it all a bit confusing - which is embarassing as I'm an IT professional by day! I have an author's page (as you know) which my blog automatically posts to and then I keep my main Facebook, um, Timeline for anything and everything - family, trips, whatever. Occasionally I cross-post, but that doesn't always work as smoothly as I'd like for some reason. I want to say "post this writer's page post on my main timeline" but that's doesn't seem to be possible.

    So, mostly my writer's page stays fairly secret too...

    1. Yes. I found your secret author page. I think people should find eventually. That's my hope. Then they won't feel obliged to follow. It's a pity you can't get stats on your timeline account. I mean, sheesh.

  2. Social media is necessary, but I'm not a fan of Twitter. Facebook has been great for "events" and my writer page is good for daily updates. But overall, I'd rather be writing and subbing -- not sharing cat photos, memes, etc. I login once a day, and that's it -- 5 minutes tops.