Wednesday 9 November 2011

Drabbley Goodness

The Drabbler re-opens. Boy, I love drabbles. Stories of exactly 100 words (some count the title, others don't. The Drabbler doesn't). The theme is: Death Bed Confessions.

If accepted, you get a copy of The Drabbler and a dollar. Now, sadly, paid by PayPal. I used to love getting my American dollar through the post. It reminded me of the days when I worked in a fabric factory and we got paid in cash every week. Just imagine that-- cash. Oh dear, I'm showing my age.

Talking of drabbles, for you of a womanly persuasion, check out Luna Station Quarterly, who are accepting speculative drabble at the moment until the 15th.


  1. I received my first American buck in the mail from Scifaikuest last month with their August issue. That was a first; it's all been PayPal and checks up to now!

  2. Thanks for that, Deborah - my mind is now at work trying to come up with 100 words. Alas, I have too many Y chromosomes for LSQ ...

  3. Man, weren't those American dollars awesome? Ya know, back when they were actually worth something?

    I've converted all mine to Yen. Just in case.

  4. I feel left out - I've never had an American dollar in the mail.

  5. Hi guys,

    Cash is great. Much more fun than Paypal. I've never had yen. But I want it. Which reminds me, one day I ought to try some oversea submissions. And I'm not talking America.

  6. Drabblers, I just learned about them a few months ago. Sounds like a cool magazine. I've read some online and some are very impressive.