Monday 24 January 2011

Last Contact

First story acceptance of the year. My story, 'City of Bones', a story of avatars and reality, has been accepted by the good folks at the Triangulation Anthology Series. This year's prompt is 'Last Contact."  This story started life as a poem and just grew and grew. Some of my best sales have come from poems/story conversions. I wonder what it all means.

Special thanks to editor and writer Stephen Ramey who made some great suggestions for this story.


  1. Congratulations! A great start for the year, I'm sure there will be lots to follow this =)

    For me, I've more experience turning fiction into poetry; or more like, the story comes first, and of course I start prose first because it's what I'm used to, before turning to poetry and finding that it's the better form for the story at times.

  2. Thanks, jys. I've never tried it that way round prose -- poem. I might give a whirl. I wonder if yo're 'allowed' to sell both versions, or is that cheating?