Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cover Candy Share

Great cover candy by artist Stephen Cooney, for Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling, edited by Christine Morgan. It makes me want to write about animated dinosaur skeletons. Let me see who my Table of Content buds will be. Here we go:

Foreword by Brian Keene
The Lake, by Edgar Allan Poe
Ricky’s Summer Vacation , by A. Stinky Cat
Fetch!, by Ken Goldman
Perfect Ten, by Scott R. Jones
Bruce Too, by Jodi Lee
Dark Operator, by Clayton Chandler
Blind Date, by David Neilsen
Music Hath Charms, by Mark Orr
Leviathan, by Richard Leavesley
The Tub and Takahashi, by Gregor Cole
Signs, by John M. McIlveen
Hellhole Fishing, by Stanley Webb
Returning Magic to the Kingdom, by Brian M. Sammons
The Author as Fossil, by James Ebersole
The Surface Beneath, by Michael Burnside
Beyond the Boneyard Gate, by Alicia Austen
Critter Marrow, by Patrick Lacey
My Beloved, by J.M. Northwood
Bloodbound, by William Andre Sanders
Trapper Keeper, by A. Stinky Cat
Lady Ghost, by Edward Martin III
Innocent Passage, by Randy Attwood
Frozen in Stone, by Doug Blakeslee
The Body in the Lake, by Peter Sutton
Gods and Mice, by Bruce Boston
The Sea is in my Blood, by Deborah Walker
“Harmless,” by Uncle Don
Retirement Home, by K.H. Koehler
Playing Games, by Kerry G.S. Lipp
The Incident in Central Village, by Doug Rinaldi
Forest of Borth, by Claire Smith
Nickolaus Passionate and the Children of Ereshkigal, by John Goodrich
Red Ochre, by Mary Pletsch
Dollmaker, by Alan Loewen
Secrets in the Soil, by E.S. Wynn
First to One Hundred, by S.L. Dixon
The Unspeakable Confession of Dicky Rashone’s Dog, by Lorenzo Passion
A Far Southern Land, by D.J. Tyrer
They Say Gloria’s Still in the Lake, by Michael Penkas
Blessedly Offended, by Shaun Avery

The Nightmare Lake, by H.P. Lovecraft

Lovecraft and Poe? What fun! 


  1. Holy cow -- you're sharing a ToC with Poe and Lovecraft. That's got to make you and everybody else involved STOKED!

    1. Quite honestly, it did, Milo. I love this kind of stuff. You've got to enjoy the ride.