Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Submission Frenzy

I set myelf a challenge today, to submit ten stories. I've got plenty hanging about, and there's also reprints to think about.
I rather enjoy subbing, searching duotrope, reading online stories, maybe making a few edits to my stories. After around two hours, I'd managed five. They take longer than you think. 
  1. Where Are We Going speculative themed antholgy closes 31/5
  2. Murky Depths -- dark speculative fiction
  3. Untied Shoelaces of the Mind Anthology -- accepts reprints and multiple subs
  4. 2nd sub to Untied Shoelaces
  5. Space Squid accepts reprints if they're awesome
I'm a bit bored of subbing now. But I'll try and do a few more later. Do you ever set yourself mini-challenges like this?

Here we go, a few more:
  1. Dunsteef Audio Fiction Magazine take reprints
  2. LingerFiction
  3. Cosmass Infinites an audio venue that takes reprints
  4. Spinetinglers -- just one more to go.
  5. Aofie's Kiss
This is doing wonders for my race-score. You know about race-score, right? It's a way of scoring the number of subs you've got out. Here's an article I wrote about it for Flash Fiction Chronicles.

6pm, and I've got my second wind. Ten subs in a day is great, but fifteen would be even funnier. I should be packing, but packing's boring and subbing is fun-- onwards:
  1. The Gloaming
  2. Daily Science Fiction


  1. Wow, that's quite a day! Best of luck with those. May they all be acceptances ...

  2. I was surprised how long it took, Simon. I always think of subs as taking ten minutes or so.

  3. Oh, that comment is me (debs), by the way. I can't comment on blogger at the moment, for some reason.

  4. All great markets. You are the Sub Master!

  5. Wow! Great subbing!

    Am so stalled on everything this month due to all that went on. Today I am going to sit down and edit some stories and submit

  6. Debs says:

    I am the Queen of Subs, Milo. But there are others who are more queenly than I.

    Hi Sylvia, glad you're back on track.

  7. I love the idea of the race. Now that May is over, I think I'll get to work on raising my score.