Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eschatology Story Acceptance

Reporting a five hour acceptance from Eschatology. Fans of Lovecraftin and apocalyptic fiction should check it out (Yes, you in the back, with the long hair, don't be shy).

I love old school weird. My story was a rather strange envisioning of the End of Days, featuring monstrous zeppelin queens, tentacles and disturbed realities.

Next stop: Weird Tales


  1. Ooh, that's great news. Love all that, even if my hair isn't long!

  2. Thanks, Simon. There's always a big call for it, too. I've got a couple of poems with the Future Lovecraft anthology, as we speak

  3. Congratulations! I'm so glad that Lovecraftian / old school weird stuff is still out there.

    (In that vein, I loved Baby Rhyme Time, Deborah. Everyone reading your blog should go read it at Innsmouth Free Press immediately! - the link is in Deb's side bar.)

  4. Five hours? Nice!

  5. Congratulations. And next stop 'Weird Tales' indeed.

  6. Milo: you've got to love electronic subs. I once got a micro, written, accepted and published, 24 hours start to finish.

    Cate: Thanks. Yep, Weird Tales is one of my many dream magazines. I'm a trying.

    Elizabeth, thanks so mch.That's so nice of you to mention 'Baby Rhyme Time'. Innsmoth Free Press is a great venue. They're the ones doing the Future Lovecraft anthology. Quality.

  7. Wow. Congrats.

    I love old school weird stuff :)