Tuesday 4 June 2013

New Story in the Dark Expanse Galaxy

I am pleased to announce that 'The Twins Shine Over Emperor's World' has been published in the rpg online game world of Dark Expanse.

This story was a lot of fun to write, as the back story was the Saurian race evolved from a species very much like our Earth evolved dinosaurs. And I decided to do a story about space pirates. Yes. Space pirate dinosaurs.

As usual, with my aliens, I looked for Earth bound inspiration. There's nothing as strange as has already evolved.

I became fascinated by the hollow bones of dinosaurs (much like the hollow bones of our current dinosaurs: birds) and developed an explanation of the Saurian custom of throat singing using the imagined physiology of an alien race.

Throw in some pirate skulduggery, and a few plot twist and turns. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Great story, Deborah. I was wondering how you would make "Saurian"-ness and sci-fi work. You made it very convincing. Interesting and original! :)

  2. Ah, that sounds great. Many congrats. I shall nip on over for a read...