Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Contact Information on Your Blog

Today I was contacted by an editor about a possible reprint sale. Good news. The editor found me Facebook and sent me a message via Facebook.

This made me realise that there was no contact information on my blog. How foolish of me. So I've stuck up my e-mail and twitter name now. But I'm worried about getting too much spam.

What's the best way of putting contact information, folks?

Edited to say: Using the AT seems to be working just fine.


  1. Leave a gap between you names and tell people to closes them or write the word 'AT' so others know to use @ when sending you an email to stop computers sending you spam.

    I hope this can help you.

    1. Let's see if that does the trick. Thanks, Paula.

  2. What Paula says makes sense - although it would be real easy to write some code that could replace "AT" with "@" if it was looking for email addresses to harvest. It surprises me spammers don't do that. Maybe they do. I've gone a little more hardcore on my blog and used a javascript function to make my email address usable but without it actually being there in the HTML. Essentially, it's held as a bunch of code variables which are only put together when someone clicks on the email link. Again, it's not foolproof but I think it's pretty secure. If you're happy to assume potential agents have JavaScript running in their browser, I'd be happy to craft the code for your particular email address. Just email me...

  3. Thanks, Paula and Simon. I've changed it to AT, let's see if that does the trick. Simon, I may call on your skills if I get overwhelmed with spam.

  4. I've used AT in the past and also DOT before com. Haven't had troubles so far. I was wondering if you were on FB. Just sent you a request.

  5. Hoorah. We now be friends, Erin

  6. I have my email listed on my "About Me" page and links to my Twitter and Goodreads in my sidebar.

  7. I've had my email address and my phone number up at my non-writer blog forever, because it's what I use to advertise my non-writerly business. I don't do the AT thing - in fact I've html-ed up my address so that clicking on it opens the clicker's email client. It made no difference to my email spam levels. My advice is, get a gmail account. Their spamerizer is pretty effective.