Wednesday 13 January 2016

Medical SF Short Story Competition

Check out this medical SF short story competition. I've subbed one story already and am working on another. 

We invite science-fiction short stories (and also self-contained novel excerpts) of up to 3000 words that address themes of medicine, health, and illness. Some possible ideas for work might be:
Future/alien medicine and doctors
Computerized/robotic healthcare
Engineered diseases and alien plagues
Future/alien conceptions of health and illness, including mental health and illness
Utopian/dystopian visions of health, illness, and medicine
Cosmetic and/or elective surgery/transplantation/modification
Present and future disabilities, and their social/cultural (de)construction
Public health and population health, at a global or galactic level
Alternate medical history (what if a medical pioneer had died young, and/or a particular discovery/advance never been made?)
Entries should be no more than 3000 words, and no entrant may submit more than two entries.
The top three entries, and up to seventeen runners-up, will be published in the competition anthology.
First Prize: £300
Second Prize: £200
Third Prize: £150
Runners-up: £50
Entry is free of charge and open to anyone over 18. Please see the fullcompetition rules.
Entries should be submitted by our new deadline of 29 February 2016using the online form.

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