Thursday, 29 October 2015

What I Sold in October

Well the month ain't over, but I've got blog guilt, so let's have a hoorah to the nice peeps who have bought stuff off me.

Cover candy for Grendelsong #1

'Beyond the Turning Orrery' reprint accepted by Fantasy Scroll and to be podcast
'Pure and Without Savour' (reprint) accepted by The Sockdolager and to be 'zined
'We Ride the Stillness' accepted by Grendelsong*
'Good For Something' Estonian translation published in Algernon
'Dolly Bone Dream' (poem) accepted by Forever Hungry anthology
'Fungal Nights, Interesting' 'Bird Beak Man' and 'Under Hunter's Moon' three poems by Kelda accepted by Zen of the Dead anthology

So, I call that ten. I count everything. So I'm counting Fantasy Scroll and The Sockdolager as two each. . 

Not too shabby. I wonder if I'll snag any more before the end of month. My submissions are looking dangerously low. Must make more. 

Edit: 30th October and  'Glory Be to the Fake Somebody' has been accepted by Zoetic Press

*regarding Grendelsong's guidelines. I haven't seen any publicly available yet. Sorry. I found out about it through a FB post from Paul Jessop. Maybe you could, too.