Sunday, 4 January 2015

179 Sales in a Year: Writing Round Up 2015

I know! What am I like? 179 sales in a year. Wow. And when I say sales, I mean anything that could be rejected by an editor, so there's a few non-paying ones in there, but generally I only sub to paying venues. 

But even so. It's a lot. And I feel great. 

169 stories and poems and bits and pieces. Counting everything (about half are reprints.)
20 at professional paying level (using the debs standard 5/6 cpw for originals 3+ cpw for reprints)
Including a commissioned novel

That smashes my old record. Pretty much thanks to Codex submission challenge which helped me double my submission record. That's the take home message, if you want to sell more, you should submit more (Mileage will vary)

Not at clue. Must be a lot.

49 new things
Includes my Dark Expanse novel -- currently with editor

Cool Stuff
Got translated into Chinese and won the SFComet monthly contest
Translated into four new languages
Had a blast at LonCon
Had a story published inside a cracker
A reader cosplaying one of my characters
Wrote a script for a story to be performed at the Airship Ball
Won one twentieth of a Bram Stroker
Got nominated for my first award on my tod (Pushcart)
Got into Wattpad which is great for meeting readers and writers.

Being tuckerised by Lucy N. Snyder.


  1. Congratulations on an excellent year and may 2015 be even more successful.

    1. Thanks, L! And thanks for all your support over the years. It means a lot to me.

  2. Congrats, Deborah!

    1. Thanks, George. It's good to remind myself why I'm working so hard. Although, I did have a rather radical half baked plan to work less hard in 2015

  3. A stellar year! Amazing as ever, Deborah. What will 2015 bring?

    1. I was thinking about taking it easy this year, Simon. *hee hee*

  4. Outstanding, Deborah. Congrats. You're an inspiration. This year, I'm going to substantially increase my reprint subs, thanks to you.

  5. Hope you're sticking to that New Year's Resolution, Erin. Reprints rock.