Wednesday 10 September 2014

Sale to 'Lane of Unusual Traders'

I'm pleased to announce that my flash story 'Venom' has been accepted by The Lane of Unusual Traders. This was a shared world call, the publishers Tiny Owl Workshop provided a background to the world and writers were invited to submit stories set in the world.

These are my new TOC buddies.

  • Aimée Lindorff – The Lost Chapel of Santa Lusca
  • Robert G. Cook – Irrealty & Ferns
  • Jim Stutz – Giving and Taking Away
  • Meryn Beattie – Seeing
  • Steve Toase – The Sugarman
  • M. M. De Voe – Orran’s Music Emporium
  • Deborah Walker – Venom
  • Tom Wells – The Crippled Door
  • S. G. Larner – Caesura
  • Ian Versace – Potential
  • Debb Bouch – The Last Gasp
  • Madison Dusome – The Lions
  • Jennifer Purse – Juno Filth’s Pest Shop
I'm looking foward to seeing what artwork is associated with the project, as the art they've published so far has been lovely.