Thursday, 3 July 2014

Reporting Short Story Sales


Since I've been doing this submission challenge on my writing group, my submissions have sky-rocketed. And, let's face it, they were quite high to begin with.

So I've got lots of news to report:

'House of Cards' accepted by T Gene Davis' Speculative Blog
Frozen Hive of Her Mind' (reprint) accepted by Domain SF
'Sibyl' reprint accepted by Literary Hatchet
'First Foot' and 'Sea Is in My Blood reprints accepted by Mad Scientist Journal
'Remember Winter' poem reprint accepted by Pantheon Magazine
'Stone City, Old as Immeasurable Time' reprint accepted by Dead But Dreaming
'First Foot' reprint for Hebrew translation by Bil Panakia
'First Foot' reprint accepted for Estonian translation by Aglernon
'Sister, Dear Sister' sold to Alternate Hilarities anthology
'When We Were in Thrall to Venus' sold to Aphrodite Terra anthology

Now, after a month of working on short stories, I'm looking foward to getting back to my novel. But I just might find the time to squeeze in the odd short story. 

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  1. Such an impressive list. I like to keep novels and short stories going at the same time, too. Sometimes you need to concentrate on one, sure, but sometimes working on one liberates the subconscious to work on the other. It does mine anyway...