Monday, 7 April 2014

'Cybernetic Mary' Poem Published in British Fantasy Society Journal

I have a poem 'Cybernetic Mary' published in the latest issue of British Fantasy Society Journal. This poem is inspired by the nursery ryhme 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.' Although I think you'll be able to guess from the title that I've science fictioned it up a little.

I like this poem a lot. I think it's a strong candidate for being converted into a story some way along the line.

BFS Journal is a for the love venue. They do send you a copy of professionally produced journal. They've recently published guidelines. Find them here.

And they do accept story reprint. I've got a reprint (Looking Good) slated for the next issue.


  1. Well done on the acceptances. You have a tremendous imagination.

  2. Congratulations. Cybernetic Mary is such a great title. Thanks for that link, too; I always seem to have trouble working out how to submit to BFS publications. Maybe it's just me...

    1. It's not you, Simon. I think the guidelines haven't been public for a few years. I'm glad to see them published. I didn't know they took reprint, f'rinstance.