Thursday 27 March 2014


I've really been enjoying HabitRPG. This is a online time management app, but here's the clever part it takes the form of a role playing game. 

So when I do my tasks like writing, submitting a story etc, cleaning the house, doing my 10K steps I get rewarded with experience points, gold and treasure. 

It's free to play, although there are option to buy more goodies for a small fee ( $5). I've been so productive all week, and that's because I want to see my little fella advance. 

Ah, the things that can motivate you. 


  1. That looks awesome :) definitely going to try this out!

  2. Hey, that does look like fun. Speaking of role-playing, the Mrs. and I have really gotten into the Firefly board game. It is freakin' cool.