Saturday, 1 February 2014

Fancy Being Steam Punkerised? $50 nzd Kickstarter Reward

I'm one of the writers for the steampunk Angels and Automatons anthology, which is currently seeking funding through kickstarter. 

Steam Punkerisation 

At the 50 New Zealand Dollars reward level of the Angels and Automatons kickstarter, you can get artist Jarad Adams to create a steam punkerisation of yourself (or a friend) from a photograph. As well as a copy of  the the Angels and Automatons steam punk anthology. You'll be granted full rights to the image to use as you will online or in print.

Other reward levels are available, including a story doctoring from yours truly.

Kickstarter is here (helpful tip, you'll need a credit card if you want to support the kickstarter, as it doesn't go through


  1. I've had this kickstarter open in a tab in my Firefox since I first heard about it a few days ago. Maybe it's time I pulled the trigger and supported it :)

    Is it sad that one of the reasons I haven't done so before now is that my computer is upstairs and my wallet, with my credit cards in it, is upstairs? LOL

  2. Kickstarter has taken much of my money and I'm in a self-imposed hiatus from the site for a while.

  3. Looking forward to your tale, Deborah. SO many Kickstarters going on right now. SO little $.

  4. Milo, Rusty, I know the feeling. I wish I could support all the things. But hey, it's my duty to promote what I can.