Sunday 12 January 2014

New Story Published in The Night Land

'Low the Ascomycotan Sky' was published in The Night Land this week. This is my longest published story so far. Just shy of seven thousand words (about a 25 minute read.)


  1. Loved it. Quite dark too. Well done, Deborah.

  2. Congrats, Deborah. I hope to read it this evening.

  3. Welcome, Deborah, to the Last Arcology of Man. I've been looking at your work in other magazines and websites and some fine stuff have you produced; but I think I understand why you asked if we take flash fiction. Your best stuff seems to be at that length.

    We Do run Flash Fiction: here's one of mine, "Dream"

    If flash is your best length, send us

    1. Hello Andy. I do love flash, 'tis true. I enjoyed 'Dream' I think it's a companion story to another one of your works, isn't it?

    2. Yeah. It's "Eater" seen from the eyes of one of the Watchmen who come to clean out theTower and expel the invaders. The woman in the fire is of course khresten, the seeress/central character of "Eater". The twist is he is remembering it all in a later life, and that they are another pair of eternally linked Lovers, like X and Naani. But that look - the instant of pure communication a few seconds before she died - is the only contact they have in that age of the world. That's why he can't forget it, and keeps remembering it. But where is this later life? Not in the REDOUBT, I think. Colonists in the Land of Seas and Volcanos? I don't know, but I'll write about it one day, when I do know.

      I'm v v serious about flash being your natural length, btw, "Low...." was merely a decent story, but some of the flash pieces I've read by you thru your blog rocked me back on my heels. But if you wanna write flash for TNL we need a livlier format presentation, for sure.

    3. Ah, yes, 'Eater' of course. I do like the muliple perspective of the stories. The same story (or part thereof) told out of time. Very fitting for a tale of The Night Land.

      And flash? Well I do love it. But can I contain the scope of The Night Land into such short words?

      I can but try.

  4. Late to this, sorry - but looking forward to a read.