Monday 9 December 2013

Writers' End of Year Round-Ups

Like the first flakes of snow, writer's end of year round-ups are beginning to appear. I've seen Ian Sales' and Lavie Tidhar's so far this year.

I love these because:

1) I love success the success of my internet pals and also people I don't know at all, but might be following on twitter.
2) Plus there's often links to free stories.
2) It gives me a chance to compare my own progress. Sensible advice is to acknowledge that every writer is different, and has different amounts of time to write etc. But that's no fun. I like comparing.
3) And this is a sneaky one: it gives me new venues to write for.  Often time I'll think, Ooh. haven't heard of that magazine must check it out.

Have you written your end of year round up yet? Do post a link when you do.

I'm keeping a list. I'm checking it twice:

Ian Sales 2013 and Me
Lavie Tidhar Short Stories
Rahul Kanakia Wrap Up 2013
Matthew Bennardo A Tough Year in Review
Amanda C Davies 2013 Year-in-Review
E Catherine Tobler What if (2013)
Cat Rambo 2013 Wrap Up
Simon Kewin 2013 In Review
Trisha 2013 Goals + Evaluation
Tim Pratt 2013 in Review
Ahimsa Kerp 2013- Write On!
Sarah Pinkser My Writitng Year 2013
Lisa Shapter A Year in the Life of a Working Writer
Milo James Fowler 2013 in numbers


  1. #3 is genius! You're right, these posts are a great way of systematically finding new venues. And thanks for your roundup! I'll have to go through them. And your own, of course :)

    1. These are great aren't they. Rahul is one of my favourite bloggers.
      And I like Elise's (#6) very much. I was trying to think of something different to do for mine. No luck yet.

    2. Mine's here - although I couldn't think of anything particularly clever or witty to write...

    3. Thanks, Simon. You had a great year, I see. I'm still thinking about mine, trying to come up with something clever and failing.