Saturday, 21 September 2013

Art and Words Show Tonight

I'm thrilled to see Anonio Lanza's painting inspired by my story 'The Unmoveable Sky'

This is one of the works at The Arts and Words Show: 48 original works of Art & Words on display; 12 writers and 12 visual artists. Gallery opens at noon; reception and live jazz at 6:30; reading of short stories and poetry at 7:30.

4319A Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth 
Texas 76107

If you can't make the show you can read the story on Helena Bell's 'After Ever After'


  1. The clouds in the distance are hypnotic. And that border of the painting is terrific too. I love it. I've been to Fort Worth a few times, but it's something like a 17 hour drive for me. Can't make it to the real thing.

  2. Awesomeness, Deborah -- so freakin' cool.

  3. It's a bit far for me, too, alas. Wonderful story, though - such lovely language.

  4. Hi, Deborah. What af wonderful tale, and allow me to bring you the good - or laugheable - tidings, that the story has been translated to danish, and published in the mag "Novum", june 2013. I positively know that, since it was I who translated it. Great story -
    It's a little "too-much" to attach the danish translation on this site, but let me assure you it was done with respect and consideration. And you wouldn't be able to understand the danish text, anyway. But now you know. You've been read in Denmark (which isn't the capital of Stockholm - :-) )

    1. Hello Henning, I'm delighted that the story has been published in Novuum. Thank you for the translation. This little story has been well received, I hope my Danish readers enjoyed it.

    2. And I'd love to see the Danish translation, is it online?