Tuesday 2 April 2013

Short Story Markets: New Scientist's Arc

All you writers of short science fiction, have you been subbing to Arc? In fact, as you can see from the guidelines below it doesn't have to be science fiction your story just has to have some bearing on the future.
But I imagine that mundane science fiction (that's near future, realistic science fiction) will be well recieved. 
They've published some of the biggest names in the genre. And *whistle* look at the pay. That's the highest pay I've seen on an open call.

Arc 1.4: Forever alone drone
You can buy past issues at Amazon for £4.99 if you're interested in reading what they've bought before. I just got 1.4. It's a good read too

But knowing what they like and writing it. Aha. That's a different kettle of fish. But onwards! I did sell a story to them when they were running the competitions. So you never know. 
They also buy poetry (hmmm interesting) and non fiction. 

From the guidelines:

Arc publishes short stories over 5000 words.
On acceptance, it pays a flat fee of £1500 (c. US$2370) for first world serial rights

We publish stories that have some bearing on the future. You don't need to write science fiction to do that -- all we're interested in is your vision, your skill, and your ability to move us.
We like technology and science, but we love people. The stories we're looking for will explore their anxieties, their joys and fears. We don't publish fantasy and if you send us anything with even a whiff of steampunk about it we will come round and burn down your house.
This submission engine is for fiction only. Arc also publishes features, essays and poetry. Please contact us before submitting these as we have very specific requirements and we usually commission this work.
Our boilerplate rates are
for essays under 1500 words    £250
for features over 2000 words £500
£75 per page for poetry and experimental work.
We commission news pieces and reviews for our blog at http://arcfinity.tumblr.com. We pay £30 per blogpost. If you're interested in contributing, tweet or DM us at @arcfinity.


  1. Hmm, I hadn't heard of this, thanks for hipping me to it:)

  2. This sounds interesting. Thanks for the info!

  3. Their pay rates are astounding. I've never seen anything close.

  4. I am so jealous of you who can write short fiction. I so wish I could, but my characters refuse, ABSOLUTELY REFUSE, to live in the world of 8,000K

  5. Just sent something out last week. Figured the only way I'd have no shot at all is by not submitting anything -- so my chances have improved considerably. The pay is incredible. I thought Criminal Element was impressive!

  6. I've sent something too. As you say, an amazing rate. Let's hope we all end up as TOC chums.