Sunday, 25 November 2012

Words of Encouragement: Subbing to your Dream Publication

I've met quite a few writers who don't sub any to their dream publications, because they tell me there's 'no point'. And I can empathise with that. But here I offer a poem of encouragement:

They All Said it Couldn't be Done

They all said it couldn't be done
but he, with a grin, replied,
'I've never been one to say it couldn't be done
leastways until I've tried."

So he tried that thing that
couldn't be done.
By golly, he went right to it.
He tackled that thing that couldn't be done,
and found he couldn't do it.


This used to be my party piece when I was a kiddy. It's always made me laugh. And it pretty much sums up getting an acceptance from the professional press (or your dream publication). It's tough, but I do it anyway. And sometimes I do do it.

note: this poem is a parody of a more inspiring poem, but I prefer the version I gave you.



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  1. Thanks for the motivational support I am needing at the moment.

    1. Hello, L. I'm glad you like the poem. It always makes me laugh.

  2. "Never give up. Never surrender!" - Galaxy Quest

    I always submit to my dream publications. Can't hurt, right?

    1. "Can't hurt, right?"

      Except for demotivation. And that can be really bad for some people. That's why it's good to let people know that we're all (most of us) going through it.

  3. I don't think one can get anywhere if they don't push beyond what is comfortable. And you're right, sometimes you do succeed. Shimmer, Flash Fiction Online, and Shock Totem are my dream publications to date. I've received positive feedback from all of them. One day..., right? : )

    1. Just a few words can make all the difference, can't they. Keep on, keeping on, Erin.

  4. I submit to all my dream publications. I tend to have many dream publishers.One day...

  5. Hey, Rusty. I stopped by your blog today. Are you still on your break? Enjoy.

    And good man, subbing to your dream venues.

  6. Yep, you have to submit to those dream publications. If you don't, to paraphrase the song, how you gonna have a dream come true?