Thursday, 1 November 2012

November PAD poem-a-day

I suspect many of you are busy with nanowrimo-- but here's another challenge, November Poem-a-Day courtesy of Robert Lee Brewer on the Writer's Digest site.

My poetry inventory is very low, I'd love to get it hight enough to do some serious subbing.

I enjoy writing poetry and it really helps with short story writing. Some of my big sales started life as a poem.

Here are the basics of the challenge:
  • Beginning on November 1 (Atlanta, Georgia time), I will share a prompt and poem each day of November on this blog.
  • Poets are then challenged to write a poem each day (no matter where you live on the planet) within 24 hours (or so) from when the prompt is posted.
  • Poets do NOT have to register anywhere to participate. In fact, poets don’t even need to post to this blog to be considered participants.
  • The Challenge will unofficially conclude around 24 hours after the final prompt is posted. That said…
  • This Challenge is unique, because I expect poets to take all the material they’ve written in November and create a chapbook manuscript during the month of December. (Yes, you can revise material, and yes, the chapbook should be composed mostly of poems written for the challenge–I’m using the honor system.)
  • Poets have until 11:59 p.m. (Atlanta, GA time) on January 7, 2013, to submit a manuscript that can be 10-20 pages in length (not including table of contents, title page, etc.) with no more than one poem per page. So if you wrote 50 poems in November, you have to narrow them down to the best 20 (or even fewer). Submit manuscripts to with the subject line: 2012 November PAD Chapbook Challenge. (The subject line is very important.)
  • The goal will be to announce a winning manuscript by Groundhog Day 2013.
*= Hoorah. I've done a first draft. **Blimey, completed poem=5/30 Sold 4

day 1: matches poem = Fundamental**                  

day 2: full moon poem = Under Hunter's Moon** sold to Eternal Haunted Summer              
day 3: scary poem = Rain Worm*                         
day 4: just beneath poem = Yakshini*                   
day 5: text message poem = Calligraphy*              
day 6: left right = Lateralization*                            
day 7: circle poem = Tycho*                                 
day 8: rebuttal poem=? Moon Train*                      
day 9: When he's gone poem= Bird Beak Man*      
day 10: foreign word poem = Riding the Juggernaut**               
day 11: Veteran poem= 'London Necropolis Station'**   Sold to Tales of the Talisman             
day 12: imaginary technology poem= Chronostasis
day 13 :letter or recipe
day 14: stuck poem = petrification*
day 15: trade-off
day 16: last line
day 17: how to ....
day 18: regional cuisine
day 19: wheel poem='Throne.'*
day 20: let's 
day 21:song title
day 22: paradise
day 23: deep
day 24: truth about
day 25: opposite
day 26: collection
day 27: hero and villain
day 28: workplace
day 29: birth poem = 'Utterly Pure'** sold to Eternal Haunted Summer 
day 30: milk poem= 'Ocean of Milk'** sold to Eternal Haunted Summer

edited. 26th November: Boy, do I stink at challenges. Nothing complete yet, and quite a few not attempted. (more than half). Fear not. I haven't given up. I should have a good bash at this, this week. 

edited 4th January, still haven't given up. But many left to do. On the plus side, I've sold one. 


  1. I might be able to pull off a haiku-a-day... It's fun when they blossom into full-length stories, ain't it?

    1. I love it when it happens, Milo. Never converted a haiku to a story-- yet.

    2. ...AND way to go on meeting and beating your Write1Sub1 goals last month!

  2. Oh. I love reading poems. I can't wait to see what people have written for this.

    1. Enjoy Michael. You won't see mine up there, though I'm hoping to publish some of them. And posting on a blog loses first rights.

  3. That's ambitious! Good luck to all who partake in the challenge!

    1. Hello and welcome, Sherry. It really is ambitious, isn't it? I'm only just beginning to realise that. Yikes.

  4. I love your poetry, Deborah, so hats off to you. I agree in that they do help with short story writing and prose, and I try to write poetry when I'm feeling sluggish with words.
    Best of luck with the contest. I look forward to reading that chapbook someday.

  5. Thanks Erin. I'd love to read some of your poems. Do you have any links?

  6. Congratulations on making your W1S1 goal and actually getting that link thingy to work. Glass Future is a great story. I'll look at the poetry challenge in more detail later.

  7. Hey, this sounds like a great project. I don't do poetry very well, though. I just joined NaNoRevMo - for those of us who are editing instead of writing. Gonna be busy. I'll be back to check out your poetry, Deborah:)

  8. This sounds like an interesting challenge!

  9. Oh Lordy, my hat's off to all of you taking up this challenge. I haven't tried my hand at much poetry, but this sounds really, really interesting!

  10. Fun idea! I am doing NaNo so...yeah, no po go for me :D

  11. Wow, sounds appealing although I've missed the boat now. Maybe next time...

  12. Oooh what a good idea to list all your poem titles as you get the first drafts done. I may steal that for next year. For this year I am doing the Poem a Day challenge (in addition to NaNoWriMo) but I'm not really feeling organised enough to create a master blog post like this one.

    Good luck with your NovPad :)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

    1. Oh wait. You're not listing the titles. Hmm... I might be organised enough to just list the prompts I finish as I go. Maybe...


    2. I think I will list the titles, Rhonda. That's a good idea, thanks. And good luck with your challenges, too.

  13. I SO love to write poetry, and I love the idea that you have to create a chapbook out of the poems you write! I know I am late to the challenge, but I also know I have a lot of writing to do this month. I might do this as a separate challenge for myself in December :)

    1. You should do it, Sylvia. It's fun. And very challenging!