Thursday, 31 March 2011

Labour of the Month: March

In medieval art, (illuminated manuscripts, ecclesial sculpture and stained glass), the cycle of the year was represented by the signs of the zodiac, or the labours of the months.
The Labours of the Months show ordinary people at work and play. The image is a sculpture from Chartres Cathedral showing Vine Trimming, a March activity.

This month I hit 26K of prose, subbed quite a bit. I had the following acceptances for poems and tweets, (no story sales this months):

Illumen: 1 poem
Cuento: 2 tweets
Trapeze: 2 tweets
Scifaikuest: 3 kus

How was your labour this month?


  1. Well, not as productive as yours but getting there! I've been focusing on the "longer" short fiction so few tweets or kus (is that an accepted abbreviation?).

  2. wow that is awesome productivity!

  3. Hi, Sylvia, Hi Simon.

    I don't think kus is a proper term. But, I use it when I don't want to distinguish between haikus, scifaiku's (science fiction), horrorkus or senyrus (humour).

    Let's make it an accepted abbreviation by using it all the time.

  4. 26K? Very nice! I wrote/subbed 5 new short stories + some microfiction and haiku this month. So far, none of my W1S1 short stories have been accepted; only the little stuff. Hoping that will change soon...

  5. That's some really good wordage, Debs!

    Not sure how many words i wrote in March, but i do know it's a fraction of yours. Actually, i can do some quick math on finished stories. 1.3k + 5.25k = 6.55 K. So, somewhere in the region of 6,500-6,600 words there, plus other story starts and stuff. Maybe 8k?

  6. Hi, Milo and Sam. Yep, I'm happy I met my targets this month. Now to some more subbing. Casting that net a little wider, this month, methinks.

  7. Way to go! While you were being productive, I was stressing about a music video and fundraising dinner. So much for writing eh?

  8. Hi Deborah, my month has been slow, congrats on yours. In asnwer to your question
    Yes I think that book Breakout Novel is a good book and the OU book Creative Writing. See: for others :O)

  9. Hi Crystal, that sound like (stressful) fun. We writers have to do other things, too.

    Thanks for the tip, Madeleine. I'm ethused about my project, today. Must try to sustain that enthusiams. I know that switching from shorts to novels can be a difficult transitions for some writers. But I'm schooling myself to enjoy the journey.

  10. sounds like you did lots in March. Well done :)

  11. Congrats on your writing progress! 26k--wow.